Tips For Getting The Best Deal Young Drivers Car Insurance

Full comprehensive

The insurance policy in the United Kingdom is segmented to fit the various needs of the nationals. This includes young people who have just started driving. Insurance companies in Britain contribute significantly to the economy. They are tasked with various roles that they play towards improving the country’s GDP. The insurers operate within strong solid frameworks that also cushions professionalism in this sector.


The bodies involved are two;

Prudential Regulation Authority – which is an extension of the bank of England that counter checks whether the insurer is capable.

Financial Conduct Authority – which makes sure behavioral conducts are in line with the agreements.

You can declare your automobile off-road at the Statutory off Road Notification (SORN) to avoid insurance but this is not the right way. Dire consequences come about in the case whereby the vehicle in use is found not licensed. The penalties are hefty from paying a fine to disqualification as a driver. On top of it, a few points get deducted from the license. So instead of avoiding insurance educate yourself on the covers available and various ways on how you can get the best deals.

Covers Available

The types of covers offered by the United Kingdom governments constitutes of three tiers

  • Third party- This is the most basic form of coverage that only insures injuries and damages caused to other people.
  • Third-party fire and theft – This covers additional repairs and replacement in cases of theft.
  • Full comprehensive – This option takes care of everything from people involved, thefts, and damages incurred.

It is essential as a young person to understand how to calculate the cost of car insurance to help keep it under a friendly budget. Premium covers are calculated according to the age, place of residence, type of car, occupation, and storage facility of the vehicle.

Young drivers can stay ahead of the game by manipulating the policies to work in their favor when looking for the best deal out there, here are some of the tips that could help out.

The No Claim Discount

Young drivers pay the high initial cost when getting insured because of the risks they pose. It is due to this that most of them opt for a cheaper way out of the system. In situations where there has not been a claim on the insurance the whole year, then the insurer gives a no claim discount that is discounted every time a renewal is processed.

Research on the insurance providers

When conducting a background check on the insurer, it helps out in understanding the different types of services they offer and their pricing. Understanding what you need to be insured  and comparing quotes from different providers can help you land the best deal at an affordable price.

Using the right job title

When doing this, you have to be cautious as a slight mistake can undermine your cover. When writing the job title, ensure you write a lower title but within the same job group. Insurers usually charge their premiums with the income the client is generating in mind. By doing so, you can save yourself a great deal of money as a young driver..

Constant shifting and switching of covers

This needs to be timely, switching of covers a few weeks before the expiration date.

Getting cashback

When switching products, it would be wiser to use sites such as that are amongst the top-rated sites when it comes to cash backs.

Advanced payments

Insurance providers charge more for incomplete payment as they consider it to be a loan. Paying in full helps a lot and drivers can avoid such inconveniences.

Cutting off extra covers

As a young driver when doing this you are ensuring that you are only paying for a cover that is not insured by any other company.

Signing up for a black box

The black box features system software that keeps an eye on a driver’s driving habits. By checking how well you handle the car, especially in braking and how you accelerate. This option is precarious, as failing can lead to severe repercussions such as losing a license and even getting suspended. On the other hand, if you do it correctly, then the rewards are high. Once you prove that you can drive responsibly, the insurer can reduce the premium price.

Regulating the car mileage

Doing fewer miles on the car helps reduce the insurance cost that varies depending on the number of miles reduced. Any value above 3000 miles can cause massive pain in the bank account.

Securing the car-by ensuring you have installed alarms among other safety features can help reduce the premium by at least 5%

Increasing the voluntary excess

Paying more to the insurer in cases of damage, they offer you a discount but only in cases where you are not at fault.

The car insurance group

Every car falls in a specific group when it comes to insurance. The more expensive the car is, the more the premium will cost. As a young driver trying to save, it is better to pick a vehicle that falls in the lower group.

Adding a more experienced driver to the policy

The driver should be 25 plus years and should be added as a secondary driver.

Avoid modification

By changing certain parts of the car; it can reduce or increase the value of the vehicle. This might require paying higher in case of damages. To prevent this from happening, steer away from adding any different parts. Maintain the authenticity of the car all through, and only will the premium prices become manageable.

Maintaining a clean driving license-reckless driving makes you prone to being penalized by adding points to the license. When the insurers get to know this, they will compensate by adding more.

As a young driver, the first insurance company of choice will require you to be smart about it. The car of choice should be five doors as that gives the insurers an indication that it is a family car instead of a two-door vehicle that indicates sportiness that raises the fee.

The location of choice can significantly improve the premiums. Living in the countryside reduces the risk of any incidents like car thefts. Being transparent about everything happening with the car helps the insurers have the right record on you, and in case of anything, no questions will be asked.