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Guaranteed Tesco Clubcard discount, plus 20% discount for new customers who buy online

car insurance with tescoIt doesn’t matter whether you’re a new customer or renewing your cover, you’re always guaranteed to get a Tesco Clubcard discount. All you need to do is tell them your Clubcard number when you get a quote.

Also, if you’re a new customer you get a 20% discount when you buy Tesco Car Insurance online, it also comes with roadside assistance, car breakdown cover, home assistance and more, see their full terms and conditions for more information.

Just so you know, the 20% online discount is subject to minimum premium and does not apply to Breakdown Cover, Courtesy Car Cover, Driver Injury Cover and Key Cover

Are you aged between 17 and 29?

As well as Car Insurance, you can also consider Box Insurance. It’s designed exclusively for young drivers.

Tesco Car Insurance, the cover you receive for your car will include:

Uninsured driver promise

There cover accompanies genuine feelings of serenity that if your car is hit by a uninsured driver, you won’t be punished for it. When they approve and validate the details of the accident (counting the other vehicle’s make, model and reg number), your no claims discount will be reimbursed and the excess you paid out will be refunded to you.

Small courtesy car

You’ll get a small courtesy car from them to enable you to continue onward while yours is being repaired after making a claim. They do have a couple of exclusions so please check these first.

Fire and theft cover

They will  pay for loss or destruction to the car caused by fire, theft or attempted theft.

Windscreen cover

A chipped windscreen can disrupt anyone’s journey. Tesco Car Insurance pay for the cost of repairing or supplanting your broken or chipped windscreen or windows. Likewise they will pay for any scratching to the paintwork that may have been caused by broken glass from the windscreen or windows.

Substitution child car seat

They replace any child seats that were damaged during the incident, regardless wither you can see any physical damage does not mean there isn’t any internally. You can never be over safe careful with your kids and there safety in the car.

In-car hardware cover

This incorporates any satellite navigation system, phone and entertainment systems, that are a permanent fixture to your car, extra items you placed in the car will not be covered.

You and Others

Tesco car insuranceThe Tesco Car Insurance comprehensive covers you and others also.

Cover for your special items

The items you carry and the ones in your car are important too. So Tesco Car Insurance covers your possessions to the amount of £200 if they are destroyed or damaged following a crash or incident.

Medicinal Costs covered

If you or others are involved in a accident in the car, they will pay up to £100 in medical expenses to treat each injured person.

Personal accident cover

Tesco Car Insurance provides customers up to £5,000 in compensation if you or your partner become seriously injured while driving car.

Making sure you complete your journey

You are allowed to claim £150 for any fees you may have incurred to get to your destination if you was involved in a crash that ends with a valid claim. This currently applies journeys in the UK and journeys that come under the extended EU cover.

Motor Legal Protection

When you purchase Tesco Car Insurance from Tesco Bank, you additionally get up to £100,000 Motor Legal Protection included as standard. This will take cover law expenses and costs on the off chance that you ever need to claim compensation for personal injury against the individual responsible for the mishap, where you are probably going to have a successful result.

Optional Features

For a extra fee, you can acquire more add-on’s for your cover with optional features.

Breakdown cover

Make sure you are not stuck and stranded if your vehicle breaks down. Make sure you get Breakdown Cover which is by the RAC added to your Tesco Car Insurance policy. Whether you choose to have roadside cover or a cover that extends to holidays out with your loved ones, there is 4 levels of cover they offer you.

Extended courtesy car cover

Maybe you require 7 seats or more room in the boot for your pet, a small courtesy car will not help you in this situation. Adding this extra they will provide you with a car that matches the one you curently own in size. You will be able to use it for up to 28 days, even if the repair company can’t fix your vehicle.

Driver injury cover

Add injury cover on your Tesco Car Insurance. If you, or any named driver, are seriously injured in a crash while driving, even if the accident is not your fault, this type of cover will provide you with financial support. It will give you a lump sum cash amount to help you rehabilitate or pay towards more worse situations such as death.

Key cover

With Key Cover, its not just about weather your keys are stolen. They have a 24hr number which will also send someone out to you if you lose your keys or lock them in the vehicle. After 14 days, cover is provided for every single insured key which also includes your house and work keys and they will even organise replacement keys and locks. Give them a try by clicking HERE.

Emergency phone numbers

Breakdown assistance 0800 003 001

Lost or stolen keys  0345 366 0228


*This number may be included as part of any inclusive call minutes provided by your phone operator.

car insurance tescoYour Insurance Account

Manage your car insurance online. No phone calls, no admin fees and no fuss.

Making a claim

Our UK teams are here to handle your claim and get things sorted fast.

Policy documents

Need to check up on the small print?

Frequently asked questions

What type of cover can I buy?

You can choose to cover your car fully comprehensive, Third party or third party fire and theft online.

If I have an accident how do I make a claim?

All you have to do is call our 24 hour Accident Recovery Helpline number and we’ll deal with your claim over the telephone. Most claims are agreed within one short phone call. We will also deal with other insurance companies on your behalf.

What is optional Tesco Breakdown Assistance?

Once you become a Tesco Motor Insurance customer, you can also upgrade your cover to include the extra service and reassurance of Tesco Breakdown Assistance. With our high quality cover you get savings of up to 20% compared with traditional breakdown providers and cover at your home address. We also give you a 10% discount on your second year’s premium if you don’t call us out in the first year.

How do I get a quote?

You can get a quote by clicking on get a Quote below or you can call us on 0345 366 8631. You can save our online quotes until you decide to buy. And remember, you get a 10% discount for buying online.

How do I arrange cover if I am happy with the quote I receive?

If you wish to buy Tesco Motor Insurance you can buy online, or call us on 0345 366 8631. And remember, you get a 10% discount for buying online.

Do I need to keep my car garaged/alarmed/immobilised to get cover with you?

Not on the majority of cars where, as long as you ensure that your car is adequately locked and the windows are shut each time you leave it, our policy will cover you whether or not it is garaged or has an alarm or immobiliser fitted.

I’ve been a named driver on someone else’s policy for a few years – does that entitle me to a no claims discount if I start my own?

It is only possible for the actual policyholder to benefit from the no claims discount – although we can usually give you an introductory discount if you are claim free.

I’m getting a second vehicle, can I use my No Claims Bonus twice?

The no claims discount has to stay with one vehicle at a time but if the person who is taking the policy is claim free this will always help to keep their premiums down.

Are my spouse and I covered for our business use with our Tesco Insurance policy?

As long as you agreed this with us when you took out the policy, and you use your car in accordance with the section called “limitations as to use” in the policy booklet, you should be covered.

As a named driver, can I drive somebody else’s car with their permission?

No. This only applies to the Policyholder provided the certificate of insurance states that the Policyholder may drive other cars.

Do you insure kit cars?

Yes – Our main consideration when insuring a Kit Car is who the car is built by. Kit Cars manufactured by the vehicle manufacturer (e.g. Caterhams) can be insured online. If you have built your Car yourself, please call us on 0345 366 8631 so we may assess your personal situation. An independent engineer’s report will be required to show your vehicle is roadworthy.

Do you insure motorbikes/caravans/boats/commercial vehicles?

Sorry no, only privately owned cars.

How do I pay for my cover with Tesco Insurance?

To cut administration costs and keep our prices down for customers, we take payment by credit card, switch or direct debit. For this reason, we don’t handle cheques or cash. And now you can pay for all or part of your cover with Clubcard Vouchers.

Can I pay by instalments?

Yes, subject to our instalments criteria.

Do you offer a courtesy car in the event of an accident?

Actually we go one better. The courtesy cars which most insurers offer are normally on a first-come, first-served basis, which means there might not be one available when you need one. Instead, we offer you a Temporary Replacement Car as an optional extra if you have a comprehensive policy.

I am currently insured to drive a company car through my employer. Do these claim free years contribute to a no claim discount?

If you’ve previously driven a company car (not a pool car) for business and pleasure, we may be able to offer you an enhanced introductory discount. You must have surrendered the company car within the last year, be claim free and able to supply a letter from your employer to confirm this information.
Introductory discounts will only be considered if you have not held a private motor insurance policy since surrendering your company car.

What measures do Tesco Insurance take to prevent fraud?

Our main aim is to ensure that our honest customers, which of course are the vast majority, are back on the road as soon as possible. However, we know that fraud is a reality and that a very small number of people provide false details in order to make up, or inflate claims. We believe that it is important that we identify these people and avoid paying such claims as they affect the cost of motor insurance for everybody. As fraud is a criminal offence, we believe it is our duty to forward details of fraud to the police.
There are a number of insurance industry databases through which we share information with other companies about claims and fraudsters. This allows us to use the latest technology to make many checks looking for unusual features and fraud. We also share some information about fraud with other companies within the financial industry, the police and other bodies where the law allows us to do so.

Why do you have a security requirement for some cars?

All companies have different underwriting rules, and during the quote process we may establish your vehicle to be of a sufficiently high theft risk to require additional security. By making sure that cars with a higher risk of being stolen are better protected we don’t have to pay out for so many theft claims and can therefore make sure that we keep our premiums low.

What types of security devices fulfil your requirements?

If we request that your vehicle is fitted with additional security, then to meet our requirements we ask that you have a Thatcham Category 1 or Category 2 security device fitted, or where required an approved vehicle tracking device.
Thatcham is a world leader in vehicle security testing. They test security devices from all manufacturers and if they meet the required standard give them a category 1 or 2 rating.
• A Category 1 security device comprises an alarm and electronic immobiliser.
• A Category 2 security device is just an electronic immobiliser.

Will you still cover me for theft if a security device is required?

If it is required that your vehicle is fitted with a security device, we will only offer theft cover once we know that the appropriate precautions have been taken. Once we have a certificate proving that an approved device has been fitted we will backdate any theft cover to the installation date shown on the certificate.

Frequently asked claim questions

Do I need to contact the police after an incident involving my car?

If you have been involved in an accident and there are injuries to another person you should also report the accident to the Police.

What happens if my car is stolen?

The first thing you should do is report the theft to the nearest police station and obtain a crime reference number.
Then contact our claims advisors who will take the details from you. After this, a number of insurance industry database checks designed to protect our customers from fraud are carried out. A claims assessor may also be appointed to discuss the claim with you.
When our enquiries are successfully completed an offer will be made to settle your claim.

Who repairs my car?

One of our Network Repairers will repair your car. Our Network Repairers are approved garages which have been appointed by Tesco Insurance to provide the highest customer service and quality of repairs for our customers. In most cases the Network Repairer has the authority to carry out the repairs to your car immediately.
Each repair is carried out in accordance with recognised industry standards. It is guaranteed for at least 3 years and all replaced parts are approved by the car manufacturer.
Our own engineers regularly visit the Network Repairers to ensure that our high quality standards are met.

What happens if I want to use my own repairer?

You can use a repairer of your own choice but doing so means that we can’t guarantee the work and you will need to obtain an estimate for us to approve before any work can start.

What is a total loss?

If the cost of repairs exceed the market value of your car then it is likely we will consider it to be beyond economic repair. This is often referred to as a total loss.

If my vehicle is a total loss what will I receive in settlement?

A Tesco Insurance Engineer, or one appointed by us, will inspect your car and place a value on it. We obtain our valuation by researching market trends and car value guides.
We take into account the condition of the car before the incident took place including the bodywork, mileage and interior.
The engineer will contact you to discuss the valuation and, once settlement has been agreed, they will arrange for your claims advisor to carry out a series of industry database checks designed to safeguard our policyholders against fraud. Once these have been successfully completed, payment will be sent to you, subject to the deduction of any excess.

How long will it take to sort out my claim?

When you call to register your claim a claims adviser will give you an approximate indication of the timescales involved.

What is a policy excess?

This is the part of the claim that you agree to pay – we cover you for the remaining amount. The claims advisor will inform you of the amount and details can also be found in your policy schedule. You should get the excess back if an incident is proven to be the fault of another driver and, if you have Tesco Insurance Motor Legal Protection cover, we can recover the money on your behalf. You will only pay an excess when there is damage to your car.

What happens if the accident was not my fault?

Our first priority is to get your car repaired or settlement to you if it is a total loss.
After this, we will try to recover our outlay from the person responsible for the accident. If we are successful then making the claim will not affect your no claims discount. If you have Tesco Insurance Motor Legal Protection cover we will also include in our recovery any uninsured costs that you have incurred.
If the incident circumstances are straightforward this is usually a short process and, whilst in the majority of cases we are successful, we can’t guarantee to always get our money back as sometimes the unexpected does happen.

What happens if the accident was my fault?

If you have comprehensive cover we will arrange the repairs to your vehicle or it’s inspection if it is likely to be a total loss and we will also handle the other driver’s claim as quickly as possible.
If you receive any correspondence from the other driver or their insurers please forward it to us and we will respond on your behalf.

What if the other driver disputes the accident circumstances?

We will do our very best to persuade the other driver, or their insurer, that the accident was their fault by presenting them with all the evidence we have gathered and you have provided us with.
We will always fight your corner, but on occasions if the evidence does not fully support either driver’s version of the incident, everybody involved may have to take some responsibility. If this happens we will negotiate the best possible settlement with the other driver.

How does a claim affect my no claims discount?

If the incident is not your fault, and we make a full recovery from the responsible person, your no claims discount will be unaffected. However, if an incident occurs which is not your fault, and we are unable to recover the cost, your no claims discount will be reduced at the renewal of your policy. For example, your car could be hit by an unknown driver whilst it was parked. While this would clearly not be your fault, if we make a payment for the repairs to your vehicle your no claims discount would be reduced.
If the incident is your fault, your no claims discount will be reduced. However, your no claims discount may be protected if you have paid extra to do so.
In the event of a theft claim, your no claims discount will be reduced as it is unlikely we would be able to locate the culprits and recover the costs.

What are uninsured losses?

Uninsured losses are costs for which you are responsible. Examples are, the policy excess, the cost of a hire car and any medical expenses you may incur. However, if you have Tesco Insurance Motor Legal Protection cover we will pay any reasonable cost of legal proceedings against another person who is responsible for the accident, if it results in injury to you or uninsured losses being incurred.

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  • Buy direct and get added security, with Motor Legal Protection included as standard
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