5 Ways to get replacement car keys

Getting replacement car keys is costing the UK drivers millions

Misplacing your vehicle keys is incredibly irritating and appears to happen always at the wrong time. According to a recent RAC record collated 13/05/2018 42% of British motorists lose their car keys a lot, that is around 15+ million motorists. The survey also uncovered that a little over 2.1 million UK drivers accepted to having lost their car key permanently but their is also a few that said they find them shortly after.

The survey of 1900 UK drivers discovered:

  • 15 million+ UK motorists lose their car keys frequently, but only short term.
  • 2.1 million drivers said they have lost their car keys for good.
  • 53% of drivers who did permanently misplace their car keys don’t have a spare and buy a replacement from there dealer.
  • That all adds up to around £180 million spent alone on replacing car keys.

Here is five ways you can get replacement car keys if you have lost yours.

Replacement car keys can be expensive. Considering that they’re the first type of defence against car thieves, it’s to be anticipated. Fortunately, there are many options that needn’t cost too much money.

Listed below are five methods for you to obtain a new set of keys, without paying out a small fortune.

Claim new keys on your insurance policy

If lose your car keys or they happen to be stolen, you might be in a position to claim for the expense of a new set of keys on your vehicle insurance policy. Certain insurance companies such as the RAC offer free key insurance cover.

With other insurance companies, you may only get cover for lost and stolen keys if you have upgraded your policy to include this feature. In some instances, you may get lucky when there is no excess to pay. Anyhow,  it’s well worth checking your insurance policy documents to find out if you already have this add-on.

Claim on the ‘key cover’ policy

Some insurance policies include car hire in the case you’re stuck somewhere and can’t drive your own car because of the missing keys situation you are in. Check all the facts carefully, though. Some guidelines may declare that keys must be lost for a certain time period for the cover to be used. (read this article for information on Add-ons)

replacement car keys

Call your breakdown service

If you’ve done the most stupid thing a driver can do and locked your own car keys inside the vehicle, most breakdown services are certain to get you back into your vehicle without charging you – as long as you have an insurance plan with them.

If you are in a situation where they have been unable to open the car for you, they can request a locksmith to help out and get you in the vehicle. But, you might have pay for this service out of your own pocket. If the locksmith can’t get you in the car either then they’ll take your vehicle to a close by garage for even more help and arrange transportation for you as well as your passengers.

The best company for this at the moment is the RAC who are offering free at home breakdown and free key replacement.

Give in and buy new car keys

This is actually the priciest option. Even though it is easier to just visit your car dealer and order a new set, the problem is it can set you back £200+, I snapped my car key recently and was told it would cost me £80 to replace the key itself and then £90 to re-program it, this was with Vauxhall.

This includes managing the alarms, remote control locking, keyless access and start on the more modern vehicles. The other annoyance of going this route is the kind of key needed, because of all the differences, it could take up to 10 days plus to receive the new set.

local key cutters can fix car keys

Get a car key cut on the high street

Imagine if you’ve still got one completely fine car key and just think it would be good to have a spare? If so you can cut costs getting the work done at a traditional key cutting shop. They can save you up to 40%, in some instances, this can work out cheaper than the original dealer price. But with others, it could be more expensive plus some operate only within certain specific locations.

Keep in mind, if you are going to use a local key cutter you’ll need to take with you your V5C (vehicle registration record) plus your driving licence to match up with the V5C to prove you are the owner of the car. But if you choose to get a new fresh key cut from your dealer you can view some examples of prices below.

Examples of prices

key replacement price examples

The price varies from model to model

It is important to keep yourself updated and know that there actually is no set amount for a specific vehicle key replacement. The latest models will be using different types of keys, and all come at a different cost. For instance, the Ford Fiesta replacement could be only £230 but a Ford Mondeo key may cost £280.

The year of registration also affects the price

Much like the different model types, the cost can also be different when it comes to the year the car was registered. For instance, a 2010 Vauxhall Corsa replacement right now is £217, yet a 2017 Vauxhall Corsa key is £230.

To wrap up

The least expensive option is not your best option every time! You can purchase a new computer for £170 nonetheless it won’t possess the same display quality as a somewhat more costly trusted brand choice.

The same holds true with local key cutters – If you spend long enough shopping around you often will find a cheap option, but trying to save lots of money on a fresh key could finish up costing you a lot more then you originally planned to spend.

It’s super easy for an inexperienced key cutter to mess up the control module while using tools that are not genuine for this kind of job.

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