Not buying car insurance? Consequences

With the ever increasing cost of living and fuel costs on the rise, vehicle insurance premiums can feel like an unwelcome financial annoyance at times.

But car insurance is an essential expenditure. Not only will it offer you safety in case of a theft or car crash, but it’s also the legal requirement of all motorists in the UK. However, this has not deterred a lot of individuals not buying insurance to save some cash and driving while not being insured.

Uninsured drivers in the united kingdom

The Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) has estimated that 2.7% of UK drivers are cruising around the UK with no insurance at all, this is rounded up to around a million drivers in the UK.

They revealed that more than 46,000 drivers were convicted due to having no insurance while driving in 2015 alone. It has been worked out that these uninsured drivers have cost us insured drivers around £400 million annually in payouts for car accidents.

Driving Penalties

The fines you can get for driving without insurance is a very bad one, this is a serious offence and is never taken lightly by the authorities, it also costs the drivers and society a lot. Regardless wither the vehicle itself is covered, if you aren’t insured to operate any vehicle, you could face:

  • an FPN (Fixed Penalty Notice) of £300
  • six penalty points added to your driving licence

However, if you end up in court you could face a fine of any amount and could be permanently suspended from driving.

driving without any insurance

Your Vehicle

The authorities will seize and destroy a car that’s is on the road without any insurance.
To have a car released you have to pay the fine and show a valid driving licence. If it’s this is not done within a certain amount of time the car may be destroyed.

According to the Road Security Act 2006, drivers who kill or are in any car crashes while having no insurance will get a MUCH harsher sentence.

If your vehicle is deemed as off road

You don’t have even to be using an uninsured car to be breaking the law. A law named ‘Continuous Insurance Enforcement’ states that you MUST keep your car insured at all times, even when you are not driving it, the only way to have no insurance on your vehicle it to register it with a SORN (Statutory Off Street Notification).

If you have not purchased any insurance and have also not declared the car as off road you could face penalty charges, even if your vehicle is parked outside your house in the driveway.

There are some exceptions:

  • If the car hasn’t been used since before 31/01/1998 (when SORN was first enforced).
  • If the Owner of the car and the DVLA both register the car as exported permanently, stolen, sold, scrapped.

When the Motor Insurers’ Bureau finds out that your vehicle is uninsured without a SORN in place, you will receive an Insurance Advisory Letter, that will tell you what you need to do to stop the DVLA stepping in.