Types of motorbike insurance policies

You will find three fundamental sorts of policy accessible for bikes, that offer distinctive levels of cover. They are:

Third Party only (TPO)

The bottom level of cover required lawfully in the UK. This kind of sort of cover includes:

  • Risk for harm or harm to a third get party
  • Harm to property
  • It can exclude cover for damage to your motorbike or individual damage, nor insurance if your bicycle is stolen.

Third party fire and burglary (TPFT)

This will likely shield you from claims made against you as the aftereffect of a mishap, and in addition offering spread for:

  • A voluntary excess is the amount you pay over your obligatory excessive if you need to make a claim. On the subject of the off chance that you have a higher voluntary excess, this could bring down your motorcycle insurance premiums
  • Fire
  • The motor being stolen
  • Any kind of harm caused to your motorbike amid burglary or endeavoured theft

It does indeed exclude cover for problems for your motorbike, or for separate damage.


In depth cover the most part permits you to claim for any problems for your motorbike (with the exemption of anything sketched out in your policy prohibitions), and can likewise offer insurance for:

  • Unintentional problems for your motorbike
  • Vandalism
  • Damage costs

You may furthermore be qualified for a brief substitution motorbike if yours should be totalled after a mischance, however twofold check your coverage records to check whether this is incorporated.

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