Car Insurance Quotation Forms Comparison

We completed this research and we opt for typical insurance quotation case: committed man, the standard car that was acquired recently and the licence plate number is well known, has no claims, has a full license and he is currently working. For the research of the repayment level, our alias wished to pay monthly and have a fully comprehensive insurance.

We only kept a record of required data entry fields (parts you must fill in) within our research. The repayment process rests on the insurance providers website, so we had taken the average data entry fields on a repayment step (12 parts to fill in) and added this as well as a final required step. When the average amount is given in this research it is just an average (unless stated otherwise).

We evaluated 30+ UK Car Insurance Quotation Forms

We evaluated the process to acquire a quote for nearly every major Car Insurance Provider

We 40+ Metrics to evaluate each quote process

From the kind of data collected to the performance of every form

We Rated and Ranked all of the online forms

We have scored each form predicated on critical factors that will reduce conversions

Five elements that should be removed

It is possible to halve the amount of data entry fields in the online form. The difference between your least and the most quantity of data entry fields across all insurance providers almost completely doubles. The quantity of data entry fields and the amount of time to complete provide an indirect marriage with the conversion rate of which the quotation form succeeds. Minimising the form completion steps to a few data entry fields as possible will increase complete quotation success rates.

The rate at which a mobile is used to complete an online insurance quotation is low. Adding characteristics to your email, numeric or mobile phone data will show the best keyboard on the mobile device, conserving significant time in which I take to complete. Significantly less than 39% of insurance providers use keyboards for figures, 56% screen email keyboards and 61% utilise them for phone numbers.

Aggregates use in-line authorisation, direct insurance providers don’t. Confirming your answers in-line (by demonstrating to you if a tick is appropriate, a note if inappropriate) saves potential customers time, and makes problem handling easier.

The highest rating insurance providers use fewer data entry fields and drop downs. Checkboxes are used by high-scoring insurance providers, they provide the possible client immediate awareness on all their options and less website usage is needed to choose the answer they want.

Automated choices is a substantial time saver. Questions like “Is your vehicle left side drive or right side drive” will probably supply the same response by 98% of potential customers. Automated choices are typically the most popular option in drop downs and Checkboxes reduces the completion pace and the conversion rate dramatically.

promo online car insurance quote form

Online Car Insurance Forms can be found in a variety of sizes

Each step is a fresh web page or new area for a possible customer to soak up, so whilst there is no magic amount of steps that will definitely lead to an increasingly successful conversion rate there’s apt to be fall off if the online quotation procedure takes too much time to complete. Saga’s 15 steps will probably defer customers, whereas MoreThan’s simple three-step process can be an overload of online steps.

Who has the fewest steps online to offer a quote?

We evaluated all of the online forms and went through each one just to acquire this information, the fastest insurance provider online to offer a quote was More Than with only a 3 step process, this must convert an average successful online quotation of over 97%. The table below shows how steps it took to receive a quote from the rest of the car insurance providers:

Insurance Providers:Steps
More Than 3 Steps
Tesco Insurance, Sainsbury’s Insurance, AXA and AA Insurance 4 Steps
Legal and General, LV, LLoyds Bank and Go Girl5 steps
Swinton, Rias, RAC Insurance, General Accident,, BoS and Aviva6 Steps
Quote me Happy, Go Compare, First Alternative and Compare the Market 7 Steps
Sheila’s Wheels, Privilege, Halifax and Direct Line8 Steps
Elephant, Insure and Churchill10 Steps
uSwitch12 Steps
Saga Insurance and Admiral15 Steps

Double the amount of data entry fields that was required

The between the highest and lowest number of required data entry fields in an insurance form is significant, with AXA requiring 76 data entry fields to be engaged with before a successful submission and Aviva requiring just 39 data entry field. That is an important factor and a major difference in longevity and energy required to complete the online insurance quote form.

The use of auto-selection helps reduce the time it takes to complete the form and reduces the chance of the potential customer becoming frustrated and leaving.

Below is a example of data entry fields being auto selected on comparethemarket

date entry auto selection comparethemarket car insurance advice

The majority of the data entry fields indicated were consequently chosen due to the registration number being entered prior, sparing time yet at the same time enabling customers to change them. Rather than reading the inquiry at that point, I can swiftly look over the question and see that the right answer is there.

Here is a example of data entry fields being auto selected at LLoyds

lloyds car insurance

Rankings for the car insurance providers online forms

To score every car insurance provider we created a positioning out of 70, which considered the number of steps and data entry fields and scored car insurance providers in light of the rate they were above or beneath this. We likewise scored car insurance providers in view of the removal of pointless steps within there form, and the mobile-friendliness of each online form in light of the use of mobile keyboard attributes. Having a live chat and postcode query was additionally part of the scoring procedure, and utilising inline validation helped scores even more.

Insurance Providers:Score (0/70)
More Than41.0
Tesco Insurance, Saga and LV36.5
Compare the Market36.0
Sainsbury’s Insurance32.5
Elephant and Aviva31.5
Swinton and USwitch24.0
Legal and General22.5
Go Girl, Quote Me Happy and RAC20.0
Rias and Kwikfit Car Insurance16.5
General Accident and Privilege15.0
Esure and First Alternative13.5
Shelia’s Wheels11.0

And there is the end of the online form comparison, More than has the best online car insurance quote form and the worst is BoS, what do you think about the online forms and have you had any experiences using them?