Speeding will increase your insurance by £100+

New study finds the average cost of speeding Driving Offences is an extra £50 on car insurancewith over 50's getting hit the most for breaking the speed limit

Driving Offences:

A new study completed by Consumer Intelligence has revealed that if you get yourself some driving offences for motorway speeding, you will raise your car insurance premium by £100 a year.

The study process was made up of 35,978 car insurance quotes that were applied for in the last year, which showed when you receive a speeding conviction your insurance broker adds £50 to your premium which doesn’t help when you already have to pay the £100 fine you acquired for the speeding plus the 3 to 6 points on your licence.

Consumer Intelligence discovered those car owners that have not got any speeding convictions are quoted £690 on average in the UK for car insurance, but the car owners who did incur a speeding conviction saw an increase in the average quote at £740.

The largest increase in insurance premiums is given to the drivers who speed down the motorway (you know the ones who fly past you when your already doing 70), getting caught speeding down the motorway is known as an SP50 (Exceeding speed limit on a motorway), these drivers get quoted on average £810 for their car insurance.

driving offences: Speeding will increase your insurance by £100+

Speeding on a local road or side street is an offence known as an SP30 (Exceeding statutory speed limit on a public road – 3 to 6 Points), getting yourself one of these driving offences on your licence will raise your car insurance on an average of £35. Consumer Intelligence also researched quotes for driver’s over the age of 25 who had already incurred either an SP50 or SP30 and discovered that the effect on car insurance rates is higher for 50+ drivers in the UK.

Driver’s over the age of 50 saw their insurance premiums go up to an average of £57 when they had a speeding offence on their licence, and when they had an SP50 on their licence the premiums skyrocketed to paying an extra £165 annually.

The speeding fine is capped at £2,500  but law enforcement has been instructed more recently to give more drivers the maximum fine to see if it reduces speeding in the UK overall.

driving offences: Speeding will increase your insurance by £100+

In 2016 there were just under 2,000,000 speeding notices issued to drivers for breaking the speeding laws, this is an increase from the much lower 1,360,000 notices issued in 2011, but not every offence incurs a fine as many drivers stated they were instead told to attend a speeding awareness course to help them understand the law on speed.

Once you get a speeding offence it will remain on your driving licence for a minimum of 4 years from the date, now when you apply for car insurance they ask you to include in your application any driving offences you have within the last 5yrs must be stated (you only have to declare unspent driving offences, the law according to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 says you do not have to disclose any driving offences that have been spent).

Average UK premiums with and without Driving Offences.


Average quote (w/ no convictions)Average quote (w/ any convictions)Average quote (w/ SP30 conviction)Average quote (w/ SP50 conviction)
All Drivers£692£740£728£793
Under 50yrs£794£839£835£865
Over 50yrs£468£526£482£635

w/ any convictions include SP10, SP20, SP30, SP40, SP50 and SP60