Classic Fruit Slot Machines Cheats

Cheats are players that have allowed the allure of the possible wins get too much.

Cheating is a desperate and dishonest practise that has been a dark part of the gambling industry since the beginning.

There are many different casino games out there and many ways to try and cheat.

This text will be discussing a type of slot game, fruit machines and how a few dishonest players can tamper with them.

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Playing Fruit Slot Machines

Many might think that slot machines and fruit machined are the same, however, slots are games of chance, players need to push spin and the player is either paid out or not.

Whereas fruit machines are games of skill as players make decisions throughout the machine’s features.

Fruit machines are one of the types of slot machine variants, others include 3D slots, video slots, etc. Slot machines display reels with symbols and a spin button and a button to control the number of paylines to bet across.

Depending on how modern the machine is, the reels and symbols can be virtual or mechanical. When it comes to fruit machines, there are many buttons that control the features of the game.

These buttons include the hold and nudge buttons, as well as, the cash ladder, and the bonus board (the bonus trail).

Most fruit machines have three reels, but some do have four or five and always one payline.

Cheaters of slot game

The majority of slot and fruit machine are honest players; however, some players can’t resist the allure of guaranteed cash wins. Fruit machines are found in various venues, rather than only in casinos like typical slot machines.

How fruit machines work is, over a full cycle of spins that depend on the game, the machines reach their long-term pay out rate.

Slot machines have RNG (random number generator) programming that ensures the results
and the pay outs are completely random.

Fruit machines are also random, however, as soon as they are close to the end of a playing cycle the machine will try to reach the end of the cycle.

This has resulted in strategies and systems where players try to play while the odds of winning on these machines are higher.

Fruit machines have a long-term memory built into its CPU that lets the machines know where it is on its cycle and be able to work out when it is
time to pay out.

The trick lies in the fact that these machines have a short-term memory as well which allows operators to audit the machines and not have the machine forget where it is in its pay cycle.

Players have found a way to interrupt the machine’s short-term memory which lets players win multiple winning payouts.

This is done by playing until the cheater wins and the amount is added to their credit meter.

The fruit machine is then turned off and on. This interrupts the machine’s short-term memory – the machine thinks that the player wasn’t paid out and so it pays the player again.

This is a common sight in pubs in the UK and patrons shake their heads and hopefully call the owner on these cheats.

This is a definite hole in the programming of fruit machines and should be addressed because the more people that learn about this trick, the lower the reputation of gamblers everywhere gets.