Casinos, websites and slot providers for online gaming

When you want to play slots, there are many choices. You can play at an online casino, for example, which is dedicated to these excellent games and many others besides. You can also play at traditional casinos which can be hugely exciting. And then there are the slot developers themselves who can provide a platform for entertainment. Depending on what you want to get out of your gameplay, there will be a platform at 666casino that suits you best. Read on to find out a little more about what they are and what they do. 


Going to a casino isn’t something that people can do every day (usually – of course, if you live close to one and have the time then that might be a different story). So it’s something of a treat to go and play slots in a physical, land-based casino. It requires dressing up and perhaps going with a group of friends and family. It’s exciting and it’s enjoyable, and something that you can create great memories about. 

The drawbacks are that it takes time. There is the journey to consider, and there’s no point in just popping in for 10 minutes if the journey has taken a lot longer than that. So not everyone is able to go because everyone seems to be so busy these days.

Online Casinos – Websites

Online casinos are probably the first place you’ll head to if you want to play slots, but thanks to the relative ease of being able to set up such a site, the amount of choice could be overwhelming, plus you’ve got to make sure that wherever you’re playing is a legitimate site, and not something created to scam people.

This means you need to spend some time determining just which casino you want to go to. Do allocate some time to investigating this because if you make a mistake and go to one that isn’t actually as good or doesn’t provide much choice, you might ruin your whole casino gaming experience. 

The great thing about online casinos as opposed to land based ones is the convenience. You can certainly just pop in for 10 minutes if that’s all the time you have to spare, and you can do it whenever you want. You can do it wherever you want too, giving you much more scope to play. 

Slot Providers

It’s good to know where you are going to go to play each time you fancy trying some online slots, but you’ll also need to know what you’re going to play, and that will often come down to the slot providers. Some of the best are listed below. 

  •         Microgaming

Microgaming slots are everywhere and easy to find because they’ve made just so many games. Not only do they make a lot of games, those games are of exceptionally high quality with amazing graphics and sounds, much like you would expect to find in an expensive video game. 

Plus, of course, Microgaming created Mega Moolah, one of the most famous and high paying slots of all time. 

  •         NetEnt

NetEnt (Net Entertainment) is one of the biggest names in online slots you can find. Some of the games this online gaming company has produced including Jumanji, BerryBurst, and Narcos. When it comes to online slots, there is nothing that NetEnt doesn’t know, and it’s why their games always come so highly rated.