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Address:Connect Centre, Kingston Cres, Portsmouth, PO2 8QL
Drivology car insurance

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Drivology Car Insurance have been Trading since 2014, they specialise exclusively in App-based car insurance aimed at rewarding safe driving. All their policies are underwritten by a panel of specialist insurers and their call centre are in Portsmouth, UK.

What Drivology Car Insurance believe

Ever wondered why your car insurance premium is calculated based only on things like your age, postcode and the type of car you drive? Isn’t it also important how, when and where you drive? They think so.

Safe driving means fewer accidents and lower claims costs. Therefore, we believe safe, trustworthy drivers should pay less than high risk drivers.

Through the use of our App, they determine how, when and where you drive to determine how safe a driver you are. They then connect this directly to the cost of your car insurance.

Drivology Car Insurance App Review

The Drivology Car Insurance App is one of the latest additions to the growing smartphone insurance apps market.
We downloaded and tested the free Drivology App which promises to enable you to see whether you are a safe driver.

When you record 200 miles on the app it will inform you whether you may be eligible for a discount depending on your score

Who is the Drivology Car Insurance App for?

This app is for new and existing drivers who want to monitor their driving to receive a discount off their insurance.

The app also provides feedback to motorists, helping them improve their driving behaviour and reduce their insurance premiums. Assessing factors such as speed, smoothness, consistency, road familiarity, road type and safe times, the Drivology app gives users a score from 1 to 100. Each driver starts with a score of 70, which can go down as well as up depending on driving behaviour. As drivers’ scores increase, so too do the discounts they receive against their insurance costs.

The Drivology app offers:

  • Autostart feature: Autostart detects when the car is on the move and activates the app to record driver behaviour
  • photo upload facility: Uploading images of driving licences, proof of no claims car log books (V5), vehicles – including registration plates – and mileage readings.

Before joining Drivology, potential policyholders can use the ‘try before you buy’ feature to determine its potential benefits. Drivers receive a code based on the safety level of their driving. This in turn is used to calculate a fair insurance premium.

Telematics data gathered by the app will be used to adjust insurance policies every three months. Drivers will receive a statement to see how their premium may have changed, based on their driving. They’ll also get estimates in advance of the statement so there are no hidden surprises. Customers are made aware of any changes to their premiums well in advance.