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Churchill car insurance

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Churchill Car insurance was among the first direct insurers in the United Kingdom and has been providing car insurance for 24 years. Churchill is based in the United Kingdom, and just as many insurance firms these days has a 24-hour helpline that is open seven days a week.

With years of experience in the industry, Churchill insurance is a company you can trust when you want to secure your car. All Churchill policyholders have access to a vast array of benefits to guarantee peace of mind.

If your car is damaged by an accident and you use an approved repairer, you will be guaranteed for up to 5 years. Churchill Car insurance company has performed more than 22 pantomimes to this day and has managed to complete a summer stint at Pontins in 2010.

Reasons why you should go for Churchill

·        They have 24-hour support and emergency helpline so you can get help day or night.

·        The small courtesy car is provided while yours is being repaired, with a comprehensive cover if you use an approved repairer.

·        New vandalism promise.

·        You get a repair guarantee for five years when you use one of the company’s approved repairers.

·        Write off replacement is between upgrade and the money in the event your car is written off.

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DriveSure is one of the benefits offered by Churchill Car Insurance Company. It is an inexpensive telematics insurance policy curated to help young drivers be confident on the road. This plan uses modern GPS technology to record how you drive. If you drive safely, next time you renew your policy you could get a reduced premium.


Below are the advantages you receive when you choose this type of policy:

·        Upfront discount in your first year if you have passed the test.

·        Discounts when you renew your policy for safe driving scores.

·        Uses just a phone- no other gadget required.

·        Access your score in real-time on the app dashboard.

·        No mid-term raised premiums based on your driving records.

How it Works

·        Purchase a DriveSure policy: You will get a quote, and if you are eligible for this policy, add Telematics when you get the prompt message.

·        Download the app: You will receive a welcome email and a link to download the app, then register.

·        Record your journeys: You will need to ensure your mobile phone is with you when driving so that the app can record details in the background.

·        Save at renewal: If you drive safely and record high scores, you will get a discount at renewal.

What the App Records

The Telematics app will record the following to determine if you are eligible for renewal:-

Behavioural –How you drive:

The speed you are driving in relative to other drivers on the road. You will receive high scores if you are driving similar speed to other road users and vice versa.

Smooth driving –measures how you respond to the traffic flow. Avoiding hard braking and extreme acceleration will result in smooth driving and thus better score.

Fatigue –this measures the length of each road journey. It is recommended to breaks when on long road trips to avoid becoming overly tired.


Environmental –Where and when you drive

Time of day –this measures the risks posed by other road users at during the same time you are travelling. For instance, late night journeys are usually riskier than others.

Road risk –this involves the difficulty of the roads you use, including the number of lanes, amount of junctions, as well as how many accidents have occurred in the roads in the past.

NB: It is mandatory that for a DriveSure policyholder to record his/her journeys where they are driving so they can be scored. Meaning your phone’s location must be on all the time you drive. You don’t record a journey for 14 consecutive days without notifying the company, they will cancel your policy. It also affects your ability to apply for insurance in the future.

Multi-car discount

If you have multiple cars in your household, you can insure all of them with Churchill up to 10 vehicles.


If one car is insured, anyone else in your household who wants to insure their car is automatically eligible for a discount. Every policy will be kept separate so:

·        You can maintain separate dates of renewal.

·        The other policyholder can be yourself wanting to insure a second vehicle, members of your family or friends provided they live at the address you provided.

·        Your No Claim Discount will not be affected by other cars in the household.

You can ask for a quote for a second car if your first one is already insured with Churchill.

Uninsured drivers promise

There are over a million uninsured drivers on the road today. That number is frightening if you are an insured driver because chances of getting hit by one of them are very high.

Luckily, Churchill Car Insurance can protect you when this unfortunate incident happens.

You can make a claim by providing the following details about the uninsured driver:

·        Vehicle registration number

·        The make or model of the car

·        The drier’s contact information

·        If necessary, the names and addresses of any independent witnesses.

If the incident is under investigation by the authorities, you might have to meet the costs and temporarily lose your no claim discount until the investigation is completed. Once it is confirmed that it was indeed the uninsured driver’s fault, Churchill will repay your excess and restore your no claim discount as well as refund the extra premium you paid.

Optional Extras

You can tailor your insurance policy at Churchill by including the following extras for an additional premium.

·        No Claim Discount protection – this applies if you have a minimum of four years no claim discount, with a minimum of one fault claim within the last three years for all drivers combined. Then you will qualify to buy No Claim Discount Protection.

·        Churchill Legal Assistance Service – Churchill will provide you up to £100,000 of a legal fee to help you claim damage to your car that you are not to be blamed. This applies if no other policy can cover your losses, and there is a more than 50% chance that you will win the lawsuit.

·        Guaranteed Hire Car Plus – This cover will help you get a hire vehicle if your car is damaged from an accident, fire or is stolen and not been found.


Churchill Car Insurance Company has one of the best insurance policies that you can tailor to fit your needs by adding other extras. Over the years Churchill has proven that they are leading car insurance providers in the United Kingdom by offering 24-hours emergency helpline and affordable premiums to their customers.

You can also register with them and insure your vehicle and also that of your household. But first, you need to find out if you are eligible for a quote.  Churchill insurance limited is authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority, and the Prudential Regulation Authority in England and Wales no.1179980