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Admiral car insurance

Admiral Car Insurance

Admiral car insurance company began back in the year 1993, aiming to provide excellent insurance services to people at a lower price without comprising the quality of the services they provide you.

They offer more than most insurance providers when it comes to car insurance such as Single Policy and Multi Car Insurance Policies.

You can count on them to offer you personal loans, cover your vans and they can even cover the holidays you might want to take. They are here to make sure you are covered exactly how you want in each and every step of your way.

A brief history of admiral car insurance.

They started their company in 1993 with 0 customers and just 57 staff members in Cardiff. Within the two decades, the company has grown and it is now one of the largest car insurance providers in the whole of the United Kingdom.

Even though they have grown and they are a large company, they always strive to keep their culture and their ethics of work has not changed.

Admiral group believe that people who love their work usually performs better. That is why they work very hard to make sure their staff are happy so that they can provide our customers with the best services. Their operations in Turkey, Spain, France, the US, Mexico, and Italy has over six million customers.

They have a simple strategy, to improve the car insurance market by keeping what they do best every year.

Their story is one of innovation, profitability and growth, they now operate in different countries all over the world with 7,000 staff members working for them, It will only be fair to say that their company have changed over the years.

What they do.

Admiral car insurance provides car insurance, loans, home insurance, and other services to their customers. They also provide: Black Box, Breakdown Cover, Fully Comprehensive Cover, Car Sharing, No Claims Bonus’s and even insure classic cars.

Their success is because of their approach in which they are driven by excellent customer service, hard work from their staff members and innovations. They always try a much as possible to identify the challenges that their customers face and they make sure that they provide them with the best solutions.

admiral car insuranceWinning awards.

Because of their positive attitude and how they value their customers as well as the employees they have managed to win different awards. They have been named the best company to work for from 2001 each and every year up to 2017.

In 2018 they managed to attain position three but soon they will be back to their top position. They have also won other awards such as great places to work in Europe, Britain most admired company, Nova Scotia’s Top employers among other awards.

They have won awards because of the great services they offer to their customers, because of this they have been winning the best car insurance provider award for the last five years.

You can only win this award from the votes of the public which means their customers are really impressed by their services and they have rewarded them with this award.

You can visit their official page and see all the other awards that they have won by clicking the website address at the top in the information section.

Insurance experts.

Admiral Car Insurance has been providing insurance services since 1993 and that is more than 2 decades so you can be sure that they know all about car insurance.

They didn’t just leave it there, after becoming car insurance experts and that’s why they began Admiral Home Insurance. With their home insurance you can select the cover you feel comfortable with.

They always provide their customers with services that suit them. This way they have become one of the best car insurance providers in the United Kingdom.

They were the first company to provide Multi Car Insurance services because they understand how important saving is to all the people.

With this service, you can insure all your cars at home or cars at different addresses as long as they belong to an immediate family member.

This will help you save a lot of money and in addition to that, you will never need to stress yourself again trying to remember the renewal date of each individual car.

They will combine all of them so that you can only have one renewal date.

They are one of the best employers in the United Kingdom.

Each of their employees is a shareholder so you can be sure that they work to their level best so that the company can perform excellently. At their company, life is rarely dull as there are so many activities that the employees can venture in such as table tennis tournaments. So if you are considering a career change you can check their website and see if there might be any vacancy for you. They also provide a very conducive working environment for their staff.

Their commitments.

Admiral car insurance provides excellent customer service to their customers has always been their paramount concern.

In order to make sure that happens, they always use different initiatives that help them measure the quality of the services they provide.

They always review the challenges they face each and every day so that they can be sure to provide solutions to them and improve the services they offer you.

Admiral also take the law very seriously, that is why they operate and are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and PRA (for more information on these you can read their terms and conditions).

They treat all of their customers fairly and are fully authorised and regulated. There is no rich or poor in their company as they treat all of their customers the same way.

They are also committed to ensuring that Mother Nature is free from pollution. This is why they encourage their staff to participate in energy programs and recycling programs that ensures the environment is protected.

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