Car Insurance with Adrian Flux?

adrian flux review

Adrian Flux: I have seen a lot of bad reviews over social media about them, so I created this article to share our insight and to be able to give people a place to do the same, please feel free to share your experiences using Adrian Flux at the end of this article.

Responding to many people asking us to review this company and look into their antics I decided to do some research, bare in mind before you read this I have to give every company the benefit of the doubt and look into their pro’s and cons.

Adrian Flux Car Insurance is said to be the main car insurance broker in the UK for classic/vintage vehicles and modded sports vehicles, they offer insurance for normal vehicles also. They claim to be able to offer great quotes for any vehicle you can think of but their main niche is offering low quotes for vintage/high performance/modded and import cars.

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Searching their website I found a few things they offer to be pros:

  • You can transfer your no claims bonus.
  • Offering value rates for customers who have trouble finding cheap car insurance because they have previous convictions, they are young new drivers, having high risk jobs or they drive high performance vehicles etc.
  • They offer Free legal cover, Agreed value cover, Laid-up cover.
  • Total Loss insurance cover
  • EU Cover and more

But with the pro’s aside I searched online and found all the reviews from customers who are being overcharged and lied to, most of them have said that Adrian Flux’s operators are unhelpful also. rude, and ignorant. There is also reviews of the company using tactics to find ways to make money out of you being a good driver, below is a snippet of the information I received via email:

One of their latest scams involves the use of “black box trackers” for new drivers (and in one case a 42-year-old who had been driving for many years but they still said she had to have a tracker)…..

The scam is quite simple. Attach a box to car windscreen using they’re supplied double-sided tape. The box falls off because the tape is no good. send an email stating “you need to buy another box”. £30 a time.

Another snippet of a mess up on their part:

There was one instance some time ago where they had insured a driver, but not uploaded details to the MIB database. The car got pulled by police, got towed away, recovery costs, and I believe the driver had points and a fine because of their mistake.

And another:

car details have to be emailed within a certain time after purchasing a policy. They then email to say documents have not been received, the policy is cancelled. Even though parts of the (senders) email contents have been added to the policy, so they must have received them!

adrian flux reviewsJust looking at these few snippets its already a bad look for the company since these are things that should and can be dealt with using common sense, the company with a number of bad reviews out there cannot blame the customers, 1-50 bad reviews fair enough it could be the people that are the issue, but when you are talking about 1000+ bad reviews for multiple things then the issue’s at hand no longer lies with the customers.

Having a Trustpilot rating service is not independent as any bad review they do not like they can appeal against it, and it is hidden (this has been confirmed over the years with many companies that it is easy to do). Also when looking on many top ten best insurance company articles Adrian Flux is NEVER in the list, this alone confirms all the bad reviews.

Adrian Flux NEED to sort this all out and give the people what they promised or eventually they will crumble and the crowd of bad reviews and comments over social media will overrun them in the long run.