Add-on’s, what do you really need?

What car insurance policy add-ons do you actually need to purchase?

Insurers provide a large number of add-ons to accompany your vehicle insurance plan, but do you really need them?

When comparing prices, the least expensive policies have a tendency to be the ones without added features.

However, we help people like yourself get the right amount of cover you need at the best possible price, rather than just getting the cheapest insurance policy to save a bit of money now. It’s best never to dismiss plan add-ons without taking into consideration the benefits they include.

Some things you think are covered by your insurance policy actually may not be. It’s always smart to check precisely what a policy says it covers before investing in buy.

So here is a short list of the add-on’s mostly offered as standard, to help you work out which you might need.

Green Cards and cover within the EU

This enables you to operate a vehicle through Europe. It usually confers the minimum amount degree of cover, however, many procedures may cover theft and harm. Invaluable if you’re taking a luxury cruise.

Windscreen cover

It covers you for the price of repairs, splits, chips, scratches and other small breaks to the windscreen that could become more. Or, regarding more juicy crashes, when your windscreen must be completely changed it covers this also. It also pertains to the back window or door windows, not only the windscreen. There could be a premium to pay, although this is commonly less than a normal policy extra, eg £50.

windscreen cover

Personal effects cover

This will cover you for any personal items which are damaged within a crash or nicked from your vehicle. This usually addresses items up to the value of £50-£200, depending on the level of cover you purchased.

Sound System

Normally you would expect your sound system to be covered by your policy but it’s best never to presume that, especially where smaller insurance firms are involved. Sound equipment cover is a very important factor insurers may offer as a supplementary. And, in addition to that…

Navigation System

Cover for your navigation system may be supplementary for a few policies. The way this works is that navigation systems and other items that are removable actually are not fittings of the vehicle.

Stolen or Lost Keys

Usually, there is included cover for stolen or lost car keys. However, the premium may be tiny. Acquiring a replacement set of car keys can be costly, especially if your vehicle must be reprogrammed you purchase the brand new set, read more on this here: 5 Ways to get replacement car keys

This add-on should provide you with the additional cover you will need.

Replacement of the Car

Think about you’ve got a swanky brand-new car, and also you ding it in the 1st week. Horror! This extra notice – if the automobile is beneath a certain age group – it’ll be changed with another brand-new one.

losing no claims bouns

Uninsured driver protection

If you’re hit by an uninsured driver, you’re obviously not going to have the ability to claim on the nonexistent policy. But claiming by yourself will lead to dropping your no-claims bonus, even if you’re not responsible.

That’s why some insurance providers offer extra safety for such a predicament or offer this as standard even. Some insurance providers could also see that you pay no excessive as well as maintaining your NCB, provided you aren’t responsible.

Car Seats

This add-on is slowly becoming the standard. And it is commonly the situation that, after a major accident, it doesn’t matter how small, child car seats will be changed. Even if there isn’t any damage to the car seat. If you are a parent you will have already realised how pricey car seats can be. Which means this is a must-have add-on to have for any parent who drives.

Medical expenses

This can pay out a little fee to help with medical expenses, no matter who is at fault in the accident. Normally, this is just about £100. There is more payout if your level of cover included personal injury cover.

  • Learn what you’re protected for
  • The purpose of this guide is to get you to check the advantages of an insurance policy carefully before investing in it. So when your car insurance coverage is ready for renewal you will need to take into account:
  • Which of the add-ons listed here are provided as standard?
  • Which of them you are going to need?
  • Which ones you can skip on to save money if you do not require them.

The crucial thing is to ensure you’re not pressured into spending money on whatever you don’t need, but that you will get a level of cover you’re pleased with.