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Change your job title
and save up to £340

A careful choice of the words

what you choose to describe your job could save as much as £340 off your car insurance premiums.   Many insurers place a heavy emphasis on drivers’ professions when it comes to quotes because certain jobs, such as a window cleaner, may be judged to be more accident-prone than others.

Ditch unnecessary add-ons
- and save £150

Ditch your add-ons

Insurers often offer customers add-ons, such as breakdown cover.   However, customers may not need these extra services, or may already have them as part of a packaged current account, such as Nationwide’s FlexPlus account, so it’s worth double checking.

Pick the right insurer
and save £100's

Consumer group Which?

Compared quotes from 12 insurers in a mystery shopper experiment for a low-risk driver of a Ford Fiesta, north-east England, and a high-risk driver of an expensive Audi.   For the Ford driver, the cheapest quote was from Admiral, for drivers under the age of 30.

What we do for you

Getting your hands on very cheap car insurance can be quite simple, but only if you are prepared to invest some time on the internet looking for the right car insurance adviceyou may say to yourself on many occasions “I Need Car Insurance Advice“. We provide you with the knowledge and help in order to help you successfully achieve acquiring cheaper car insurance.

Learn more about Comprehensive, Business and Motorbike Insurance

You’ll about what each of them cover for you and other people, all the car insurance advice you need is here.

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