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You must have car insurance to drive your car on UK roads.

Third party insurance is the required legal minimum you must acquire. This means you’re covered if you have an car crash/accident causing damage or injury to any other person, animal, property or vehicle. It doesn’t cover any other costs such as repairs for your own car.

To acquire this you will need to use an insurance provider.

If you’re in an accident

If you are in a car crash/accident which causes damage or injury you must give the following to anyone who is involved:

  • your full name and full address
  • the car reg number

You will also need to hand over the car owner’s name and address if the car is not yours.

You must also report the accident to your insurance company, even if you’re not planning to make a claim.

Accidents with uninsured motorists

You should tell the police if you have an accident with someone who’s not insured.

Your insurance company will also be able to give you more advice.

You might also be able to get compensation if you’re the victim of an uninsured or hit and run driver.

European Union (EU)

Every UK car insurance broker provides the legal minimum third party cover which allows you to drive in EU countries.

Make sure you call your insurer provider to see if your insurance policy has extra features for things such as theft/damage to your vehicle abroad.

Other countries

When you are outside the EU, a ‘green card’ will prove insure your insurance covers the legal minimum cover  requirement in the country you’re in. Ask your insurance provider if they can send you one.

Rules for England, Wales and Scotland

Car insurance is a must have if you plan to drive on roads and in public places.

You will not need to have insurance for a car if it is declared as off the road (SORN). The name of this rule is ‘continuous insurance enforcement’.

If you don’t have car insurance, you could:

  • have to pay a fixed penalty (£100)
  • our car wheel-clamped, impounded or crushed
  • face prosecution in court, which has a maximum possible fine of £1,000

No matter which person is driving the car – when you are the registered keeper, you get the penalty.

If you receive any fines you will also still have to pay for your insurance also.

Car traders – rule exceptions

If a car is at the point in time between registered owners or in trade with the DVLA, for that time period it is excluded from repeated car insurance enforcement.

Your own personal Cars are not excluded

Rules in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has different rules for vehicle insurance.

Driving with no insurance

It is against the law to drive a car on a road without the bare legal minimum insurance requirement (3rd party insurance).

If the car itself is insured, and you are not insured to drive it you will get penalised.

Penalties for uninsured drivers:

The police are allowed to provide you with a fixed penalty (£300) and they can also place 6 penalty points on your licence if driving a car you are not insured to for.

If a case gets to court you could receive:

  • receive a unlimited fine
  • be disqualified from driving for many years

The police can seize and crush the car that is being driven uninsured.

Car Insurance Advice

Getting your hands on very cheap car insurance can be quite simple, but only if you are prepared to invest some time on the internet looking for it, you may say to yourself on many occasions “I Need Car Insurance Advice“.

Most individuals work on the idea that their car insurance will cost about the same irrespective of where they buy it from. This is a very expensive assumption which will cost a whole lot more in expensive insurance premiums. For those who drive a vehicle you have to have car insurance cover.

Just because you need an insurance policy, doesn’t mean that you should be happy paying more than you have to! Especially when there are so many different companies to choose from. All of which have huge differences in the extra benefits they offer, such as the excess amount, courtesy car included, inclusive breakdown cover, as well as the price to be paid for the actual policy.

There are quite a lot of things you can do to help reduce your costs of insuring your vehicle and numerous ways to seek out cheaper car insurance. A quick and straightforward technique to finding cheap insurance is to do some comparison shopping online.

Comparing a number of quotes from different insurance companies only takes a couple of minutes and can save you some serious money, since the amount you’d have to pay varies greatly from one insurer to another. Simply because they each have their own model customer which they target by offering lower prices. So regardless of whether you are a young driver, student, convicted driver, new driver or even a woman! Comparing quotes is the only way to find the cheapest car insurance policy that was designed just for you.
Here are a few starter tips which will teach you how easy it is to achieve to this and stop telling yourself “I Need Car Insurance Advice” and get all the information and discounts available to you, for more please visit the Advice & Articles section

Define the correct excess?:

If you are willing to pay more of your excess (this is the fee you if you ever need to claim for a incident – the insurers may give you some help by lowering your premiums. Be sure to carefully choose your amount.

Do not set your sites so high, if you are starting to get closer to your demand limit.

Don’t lie about your Job!:

Insurance companies take many factors into account to calculate the amount you will pay for your coverage, even your job is looked into. The way they check your employment is they use categories which are far and few between, which is why so many customers make a mistake by choosing the wrong job category when they register.

Let say you are a IT consultant but you put yourself in the category of IT technician, you will pay more because the rate for a IT technician is higher the the rate set for a IT Consultant. If you are a home maker or even unemployed this save your money as the rate is much lower for these categories.

Make sure you never try to deceive your provider by lying to get lower rates as this is a fraudulent offence and the company can sue you.

car insurance advice

Avoid changing your car:

Do not think that the insurers will only look at boys racing cars as modified. Every change you make to your car, like new wheel types or a new body kit can increase your premiums. when the time comes and you begin to think about changing your car give your insurer a call and ask them if this is going to raise your premiums.

On the contrary, if you make changes to your vehicle that will make it more safe will save you money also.

Pay your coverage on a yearly bases to save money:

You have the option of paying your cover monthly or annually. Even though it seems like paying your insurance monthly may be a good idea as it looks lower, it may add more than £100 to your cover as paying it annually makes it easier for insurers to keep track of all of their customers payments in the books hence why they give you money off for doing so.

Paying your coverage is pretty much the same as taking out a loan, you pay it monthly and they add loads of interest on top. APR rates are different for every provider but some are as high as 45%. Most insurers make you pay a fee upfront like a loan company just to allow yo to have credit, and this is if you pass the credit check, if you fail that you will have to pay annually or look elsewhere.

Try and get them to give you a better deal, keep on it:

Like most companies they will always offer the best rates for the new customers they acquire and offer the loyal customers small deals on there premiums to keep them sweet and keep them as there customers longer. But do not think that because you have been with them for a few years that you can’t get the best deals also… you just have to speak up and not take no for a answer.

You will raise the rate from your provider but using the old school simple techniques to get a lower price and satisfy your Need Cheap Car Insurance.

When you call them ask why your rates have risen and that you only went with them to begin with as you were told and referred by many people and friends that they were the best, had the best rates and awesome customer service for loyal customers, also explain that you have been receiving many calls from other companies offering a lower rate for the first year if you switch providers. They will then pretend that they cannot offer a lower rate as you are on the lowest already for your circumstances, they will also try and remind you that switching take a long time and it would be less hassle for you to remain with them.

Tell them you are going to leave and try the other company, i which they will say they have to ask there manager if they can offer you something better, after this brief period of silence or silly annoying music you will get a lower rate deal.

Now you have read through the basics on “Car Insurance Advice” visit the Car Insurance Directory or visit our Advice & Articles section to learn more.

Learning to drive: steps

Are you allowed to drive yet?

Everyone is allowed to begin learning to drive once they’re 17

Getting your provisional licence

Lessons and practicing

Booking the theory test

When you pass

You may begin driving once you pass your practical.
You must have acquired a insurance policy that lets you to drive with no supervision.

Things you will need before you can get a quote

The Car’s number plate is required, yet not needed to for a quote. It would be good to mention any changes.

The details of your No Claims Bonus. You can ask for this from your current insurance provider.

Claims Information; Dates, your current premiums cost and accidents or claims over the last 5 years.

Details of drivers; other drivers names and permit details if you are adding them to your policy.

Licence type; to what extent you’ve had it; details of any points or exclusions from the last 5 years.

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